farewell digital realism – welcome ldw

As some readers might have already noticed, the end of digital realism, or dr, as I will always call my first successful blog, is coming closer. Its subtitle, “the archive of a…” gave, besides the low frequency of new articles, some evidence of its upcoming end. Anyway, no reason to be sad. A new project, codename ldw, is upcoming and the last duty of dr will be to inform my readers about its function as an archive inside the new project and about the new project itself.

So, the first information I want to share with you is that ldw, like dr I allways was, will be an open collaborative plattform. So in connecting the past with the future I would like to thank to all the people that made dr, at least for me, to one of the most interressting blogs of the network society. These people are:

Björn Herring, who allowed me to re-publish his amazing last junkies articles on dr,

George Cham, whos comics made my life much better,

Diana Craw, the flattering


So, dear readers of dr, farewell dr and welcome ldw,







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