Falling from the shoulders of giants

Preface by Philipp Adamik: In this article, originaly published under the chraming title “Dawkins’ ideas about cultural memes are what lead me to embrace feminism and social justice (So how did he end up being such an asshole?)“, Diana Crow uses a version of the old aphorism “standing on the shoulders on giants”, which inspired me to the new title.

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Diana Crow

Diana Crow

Diana Crow is a freelance science journalist, living and working in the city of Boston, MA.

Diana was born in Jamestown, RI (the town where they shot Moonrise Kingdom) and grew up in Oak Ridge, TN (the town where they isolated the unstable uranium isotopes needed for the atomic bomb).  She holds a B.A. in biology with a concentration in science, technology, and society from Bard College. During her undergrad, she founded and served as an editor-in-chief of Bard Science Journal.

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