The Storming of the Taksim Kışlası

This picture reminds me in its composition and its dynamic to the classical painting from the French Revolution “Jeanne D’Arc – Storm of the Bastille”. That´s why I name it “The Storming of the Taksim Kışlası*”.
*Taksim Kışlası is a shortend name of the Halil Pasha Artillery Barracks. The barrack is the historical model for the new building, witch should be build in the Gezi-Park.

Unknown Türkish photographer (2013)

I must thank johtilpo for his acurate contradiction of my wrong reference, which you can see below. So for the true story behind the picture see his comment. But, as johtilop although noticed, the title still fits. So it will not be changed.


  1. It’s quite a fitting title, and the photo is indeed reminiscent of the painting you are referring to. However, the actual title of the painting you mean is “La Liberté guidant le peuple” ( Jeanne d’Arc, while also a national heroine of France, has nothing to do with it. The flag-waving woman is certainly evocative of Jeanne bearing the banner of (the king of) France, but she is liberty herself (bearing the colours of the revolution), sometimes also known as Marianne, a national heroine of France and symbol of the grande nation.
    Enough for showing off. The current title as well as “La Liberté guidant le peuple” (or a Turkish translation thereof) are equally fitting for the picture of young Turks taking Taksim.

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